Our Business

Our strategic and commercial relations with international companies are based on (joint venture) concept with the manufacturers whom are specialized in military and civil manufacturing in USA, Europe, South Africa, South Korea and others where our business include the following points:
  • Provide our partners with all needs of machinery, electronic equipments, security systems and support.
  • Transfer Military Modern Industrial Technology
  • Training and localize defence products in order to meet our partners requirements.
  • Support our partners for the scientific research and development (R&D) and their operational needs.


  • Our clients’ operational needs recognition enforce us to continuously search for technologies and products in cooperation with our manufacturing partners.
  • Develop strategic relationships with our partners through joint ventures and projects by ongoing field trials and R & D.
  • Enable our manufacturing partners to deliver products and services with the highest quality standards and international technical specifications.


Science Technology Company has been able to build international investment relationships to integrate industrial skills , capabilities and transfer its technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to support the industrial and military sectors in particular:
  • United States of America: a partnership was built with one of the world’s largest consulting firm that specializes in command & control Technology Training in order to support defense readiness.
  • Europe: established a solid professional business relationship with Ukrainian government which led to a Joint Venture Partnership with Ukrainian defense manufacturing organization.
  • South Korea: science technology had established a Joint venture partnership with market leaders whom are specialized in air defense equipments and armor manufacturing, where joint projects had been integrated into the Saudi Ministry of Defense (MoD) projects.
  • South Africa: a joint venture partnership had been made a joint venture partnership had been made to manufacture body armors.


  • Attracting investments based on specialized industrial technology
  • Business investment environment creation.
  • Investment management and business development.
  • Investment companies Management.


  • Investment solutions provision.
  • Preliminarily planning for joint ventures’ projects.
  • Investment negotiation facilitation.
  • Governance and Control