Why Science Technology?

A capable local partner with the right combination of relationships, acumen, financial strength and versatility.
  • Depth of relationships with decision authorities established over multiple generations that transcends personnel turnover and evolving political dynamics
  • Established player in the Saudi defense market with a proven track record of sales collaboration with all major KSA military and homeland security government agencies
  • Financial backing provides flexibility to invest in a variety of situations, from early stage operations through subsequent rounds of project scaling Comprehensive understanding of government procurement processes and regulatory framework necessary to assist foreign businesses entering the Saudi market
  • On-the-ground local presence for constant interface with key project stakeholders and intelligence on emerging business opportunities Ability to act quickly and decisively in the process of evaluation, due diligence and deal structuring in order to advance partnership collaboration over multiple stages
  • Highly capable management team with western education / work experience and demonstrated ability to work successfully across diverse geographic & cultural divides
  • Adherence to the highest business and ethical standards in accordance with international norms, laws and regulation.