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Science Technology for Development and Industrial Investment (Science Technology) was launched in 2017 and has evolved into a holding group.  Science Technology is strategically positioned to actualize the public-private investment objectives consistent with Vision 2030.  Science Technology is working with local and international partners to take an active role in the 2030 transformation of the Kingdom, which once realized, will significantly move the economy of Saudi Arabia toward its stated goal of using public-private partnerships to accelerate the flow of private investment, dramatically increase GDP, and improve the nation’s competitiveness.

Our strategy

We seek to leverage our expertise, competencies, and deep knowledge regarding Saudi Arabia’s requirements in the defense and security sectors; to identify the best international partners that align their products and services with the highest performance and operating standards, providing optimal results under all conditions.  Our strategic goal is to focus on advanced industrial investment in defense and security in order to localize these industries in Saudi Arabia.  We seek to create a strategic and comprehensive platform for sustainable Saudi defense and security industries.

Our Vision

In order to actualize our strategic goal of advanced investment in Saudi defense and security, we will be a unique, professional, energetic, and experienced investment arm.  We will manufacture the best defense and security technologies and products by localizing them sustainably and effectively.

Our Mission

To leverage our expertise, competencies, and deep knowledge regarding Saudi Arabia’s requirements in the defense and security sectors with an objective that exceeds self-sufficiency. To achieve a level of research and development that will enable Saudi Arabia to become a leading global manufacturer and exporter of defense and security technologies spearheaded by indigenous Saudi talent.

Our Values


National responsibility


Excellence & Focus





Our Goals


Our deep and diversified strategic relationships with local clients, coupled with our global partners, enables Science Technology to masterfully and professionally create a cohesive and consistent approach that combines the requirements of our clients with our superior skill set in direct investment. We accomplish this either by directly manufacturing through our differentiated channels, or by selecting the most efficient, flexible, and nimble sources to meet those needs in accordance with the local industrial environment.


Science Technology has implemented a sophisticated business model to structure and diversify long-term strategic partnerships with key international defense and security production sources that meet the growing needs and requirements of our clients in the local and global market.

Unique Local and Global Presence

Science Technology has an active and direct presence in key international markets that provide the best investment opportunities to manufacture and produce equipment and offer advanced technologies in the defense and security industries. Thanks to its network of international offices in these locations, and its smooth communication with clients in the local and regional markets, the company is well-positioned to have a comprehensive view of clients evolving needs and requirements. This enables Science Technology to fulfill such requirements in accordance with the highest international standards and in context with the local market environment.















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